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What is ShellHub?

ShellHub is a centralized SSH gateway that allows users to remotely access and manage their servers and devices from anywhere, using a web browser or a mobile app. It provides a secure and convenient way to connect to and control your servers and devices, and can help to improve the security of your servers by preventing unauthorized access.


Easy and Quick to Set Up

ShellHub incorporates the use of Docker containers to facilitate the integration of new devices into the platform, simplifying configuration.

Secure Remote Communication

ShellHub uses the SSH communication protocol to allow data exchange with the guarantee of privacy and integrity.

A plethora of Devices, Connectable Right Away

Support multiple devices connected at the same time, different networks, and integration with architectures, including ARM (32 and 64 bits), which is used in most embedded devices, like Raspberry Pi, and i.MX6.

Automation Scripts

Make the processes more efficient by automating many tasks. ShellHub allows the user to execute the scripts remotely.

Protection Against DDoS Attacks

Sniffing and DDoS attacks require direct access to the device's port. ShellHub works without using the regular SSH ports and allows access by the authorized agents, only.

Documentation and Technical Support

Provide the documentation, technical support to get you started as quickly as possible to integrate the devices in ShellHub.

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Every successful software is adapted to its users needs. The best way to adapt the software forits users needs is allowing its users to directly influence its development and direction, thusopen-sourcing ShellHub was the obvious choice.

We believe the future is Open Source and wecount on you to join us in this journey.

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