Get seamless remote access to any Linux device
ShellHub is a modern SSH server for remotely accessing Linux devices via command line (using any SSH client) or web-based user interface.
Every feature you've come to expect
Secure Remote Communication
ShellHub uses the SSH communication protocol to allow data exchange with the guarantee of privacy and integrity.
Protection Against DDoS Attacks
Sniffing like and DDoS attacks require direct access to the device's port. For this, the port is “invisible” and access only occurs by the authorized agent.
Automation Scripts
Make the processes more efficient by automating many tasks. ShellHub allows the user to execute the scripts remotely.
Easy and Quick to Set Up
ShellHub incorporates the use of Docker containers to facilitate the integration of new devices into the platform, simplifying configuration.
Documentation and Technical Support
Provide the documentation, technical support to get you started as quickly as possible to integrate the devices in ShellHub.
Plethora of Devices, Connectable Right Away
Support multiple devices connected at the same time, different networks, and integration with architectures, including ARM (32 and 64 bits), which is used in most embedded devices, like Raspberry Pi, and i.XM6.
Want to know more?
For more details, consult our documentation and, if you have any questions, contact us through the Gitter.